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Women's Mysteries 5 Day Retreat

Women's Mysteries is a five-day residential retreat, which takes women into the mysteries of the feminine and touches upon the significant points throughout a woman's life cycle. It is a spiritual initiatory process into ancient women's knowledge. As a woman comes to understand her own journey she is able to complete the unfinished transitions of the past that have been barriers and interferences to her natural unfolding. Women with babes-in-arms are welcome on the retreat. 

The retreat offers an opportunity for you to take a few days out, simply to be with your self, to regroup your thoughts, to explore your inner life as a woman. 

In Women's Mysteries, through meditation, music, stories, sharing and laughter, you will sit with a group of women and delve into many areas concerning our lives as women, - birth, fertility, relationship, sexuality, work and creativity, and many many more of life's experiences.

Dr. Sarah Buckley  GP, mother and author of 'Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering' says of Rachana's work - 'Rachana has been my friend and teacher for almost 14 years. Her work is unparalleled in my experience, and is the foundation of my own work as mother, lover, writer, and healer. She creates an amazing opportunity to dive into the feminine, experience the mystery and magic and, if you want it, profound healing. As my sister-in-law told me 'five days with Rachana is like five years of psychotherapy'. 

The Retreat is being held at a rural property The Vine & Branches, 27 Bonds Rd, Lower Plenty, Victoria, 3093. It includes nourishing vegetarian meals and accommodation. 

Places are limited to Maximum 15 women, there are limited places available for babes in arms. Cost is $2200; early bird discount (full payment by August 22nd) $1900. Easy payment plans are available.

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Contact Amruta on 0400 413 838 or email:

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Dear Rachana,
Twice recently (in the past week) I've had occasion to appreciate - all over again - how much I gained, or learned, by sitting in the circle with you. The personal gains go (almost) without saying - these awareness's have come in a professional context.

Twice I've had clients present with material that I've doubted I could offer anything, and both times, after hearing the story, I've realised that the experiences in the circle provided me with the context and information that was needed. No mystery, just people's bodies telling them (or trying to tell them) what they needed and had to do.

So thank you for everything. Life is good. I seem to be able to handle whatever comes my way. I don't think for a moment that I've got it all sewn up, but I feel comfortable with the ups and downs - more trusting and at ease with myself.

Love, Deb White.

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