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The birth process is mysterious and it is something we all experience when we are born. A deeper understanding of the birth time enables one to live with much more aliveness and connection. Spirit moves into form and those present are witness to the miracle. Yet again a human opens her/his eyes and sees. This course lifts the veils of illusion that hamper the realisation of the dream.

Ideal for Midwives, Obstetricians, G.P's, Therapists, Childbirth Educators, Doulas, pregnant women and any person who would like to learn about the birth process.  Come...

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What is a Spiritual Midwife? Read this article...

"I thought I would send a thank you from my baby Sonni and I. We had a beautiful natural birth, also a Lotus birth. I have deeply appreciated the work and awareness I have been exposed to since doing that beautiful Spiritual Midwifery course all those years ago (2001). Also the other courses which have expanded my experiences. I certainly could say my pregnancy and birth journey would not have been so enjoyable without the work and awareness and therefore the trust in my body. He is a beautiful happy baby and we are ecstatic parents".
Love Heather and Nick - February 2007