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"It does not matter how our parents are...life comes to us through them. But they too stand in a long line. What comes to us through them comes from far away. And it goes downwards...If we really see this and we look at the origin, the source of life itself, and we watch it flowing down the generations, we can be open to that which is given to us. Then there are no more accusations, no more blaming. We take what is given and we can turn and let the flow of life pass through us onto the next generation...then we are in true harmony."
Bert Hellinger

An important relationship causing you distress? Something not quite right that you just cannot put your finger on? Overwhelming issues that you cannot get clarity about no matter how hard you try?

Sometimes there are numerous issues affecting people, which we think are our problems, however it may be that we are carrying the overflow in this generation of family issues that happened long ago.

People can join a Family Soul Healing group to get clarity about any problem or illness. 

Most families have experienced tragedies, wars, illnesses, injustices, or even crimes. When one person in a family is devastated by a trauma, others in the family, including future generations, energetically carry, and subconsciously try to balance, the wounded energy, never fully stepping into their own lives. Without our awareness we carry those burdens and entanglements in our souls, repeating the experiences of those who came before. We express these in the form of difficult relationships, "hereditary" illnesses* and accidents, depression*, addictions*, lack of money, and more. By exploring our family systems, we can see the cause of the imbalance, allowing the potential for disengagement from the past, so change and resolution can surface.

Based on renowned psychotherapist Bert Hellinger's observations over many years, tragic events that happen to one person in the family affect the whole family, present and future. Events that can affect future generations include: abandonment, adoption, premature death, missing person, being disowned or ostracized, war trauma, death during military service, famine, murder or other serious crime, emigration to another country, lost fortune, severe and/or chronic illness, physical or mental disability, suicide, child born out of wedlock, abortion, miscarriage, stillbirth, person not honoured, ignored or not respected. 

The Family Soul Healing process quickly and precisely reveals hidden dynamics, and restores balance to the family system on a soul level. By seeing what caused the original trauma and honouring each family member's fate without judgment, we can openly take what is given to us and allow the flow of life to pass from our ancestors through us in harmony to the next generation. If you personally have experienced any of these traumas, this process is a powerful way to achieve self-discovery, transformation, and healing.

There are two lasting bequests we can give our children: one is roots, the other is wings.

Family Soul Healing takes place in an atmosphere that is safe, confidential, supportive and loving. Everything that comes to light is held in the strictest confidence.

The Family Soul Healing process is done in a workshop setting. After you state your desired outcome, the facilitator helps you choose participants to represent the people involved and place them in the "field". The representatives then begin to experience the feelings of those they represent, guided by the Family Soul. This allows you to hear the underlying messages, see the loyalties and entanglements, feel the inclusions and exclusions that may be out of your awareness, and determine who is present and who has left physically or energetically. By observing and interacting with the representatives, the facilitator discovers where the imbalance is in your family system, and who you are identified or entangled with. Then the representatives are assisted to take their proper place in the family, thus finding a healing resolution that honours each family member's fate and restores wholeness to the family system. Once your soul has the picture of the solution, it takes over the process as it unfolds and is integrated over time, sometimes as long as a year or two. The resolution always has to do with love. 

Being a representative is a deeply moving, healing, enriching experience, as you witness and feel for yourself what makes love work in relationships, what causes and solves entanglements, what unresolved issues you may be entangled with and their solutions, how to prevent entanglements for yourself and future generations, and how to deal with various life situations from a soul level. All you need to do as a representative is be present and report what you are feeling and thinking at the moment. A representative participant also deepens his own healing by participating in the healing energy field. 

Representative participants report that when they take part in a constellation, often they get in touch with a part of their own family soul. A woman might be chosen to represent a girl who is still grieving for her father, who died when she was a child. “Coincidentally”, her own mother experienced the same fate. By being in this role, she gets in touch with her own family trauma, and discovers that healing occurs in her family soul as well. 




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Family Soul workshops are available on an individual basis, please contact the practitioners to arrange your family soul workshop.

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