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Breathwork also known as Rebirthing

Our breath is our lifeline. The breath joins us with Divine energy. Our life's events are like a string of pearls with the thread of breath running through them all. Thus the breath links all happenings.
L. Orr

What is Breathwork or Rebirthing?

Rebirthing is a healing process using a simple, relaxing, gentle breathing rhythm. The process aids in dissolving physical tensions and emotional traumas and restores the power of the breath to revitalise and energise the mind, body and spirit. The result is an expanded sense of self-love, creativity and joy.

Rebirthing is based on the understanding that how we think affects how we experience life. Thought is creative. Combining breathing with high quality thoughts can produce positive and lasting changes in our lives. Nurturing our positive thoughts supports us and expands our joy and aliveness. Holding on to and suppressing fearful thoughts and feelings creates tensions, unhappiness and disease.

Rebirthing helps to identify and release negative, suppressed thoughts and feelings and allows us to experience self esteem and love.

What is the purpose of Rebirthing?
  • To use breathing for deeper exploration of our essence.
  • To increase our self love and love of others so our lives work for us
  • To reach our fullest potential by unifying body, mind and spirit.
  • To increase our experience of physical mental and emotional well being.

What is a Rebirthing session like?

Each session is unique for each person. The person lies down in a comfortable position and is coached and guided in rhythmic breathing in which the inhale is connected to the exhale without a pause.
An average session lasts about an hour and a half, and during the session you may experience physical as well as emotional releases.

How many sessions are required?

We recommend from five to fifteen sessions with a professional rebirther to learn the breathing technique and to feel personal safety before rebirthing yourself.

In the beginning sessions the rebirther is there to guide you in the rhythmic breathing process and to provide support and emotional safety, which allows you to explore your consciousness more deeply.
A qualified rebirther will enhance your experience of the process.

Who is rebirthing for?
  • It is for everyone who wants to experience their life with more richness and joy.
  • It is an excellent preparation for pregnant women before giving birth.
  • As we connect with our inner breath we are actually connecting up with our inner self.
What results can I expect?

Rebirthing can produce profound effects. It brings more awareness, healing and integration to the physical, mental and emotional aspects of our being.
Experiences that have occurred to many people during rebirthing sessions are: 

  • Resolution of personal problems. Release of physical tensions and body pain.
  • Recalling the person's actual birth and how it shaped their adult personality.
  • Spiritual experiences of divine energy.
  • Cleansing negative thoughts and tensions from the mind and body.
  • Correcting negative breathing patterns 
  • Reduction of fear and anxiety.
  • Greatly expanded sense of self-love, joy, happiness and creativity.



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