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Shivam Rachana

"I love seeing the change and happiness that comes into peoples' lives when they do this work. I find myself constantly in awe at the capacity people have to heal when they are provided with a safe and supportive environment. Having benefited enormously from this work myself it is my passion to share it with others. The body, heart, mind connection holds the key to health and happiness and I delight in the many and varied ways we have to enable this to happen.

It is a wonderful adventure that I share with the ICSM directors and the women who come to spend time with us."                        

Email or phone Rachana: 0430 798 551

Shivam Rachana is the Principal of I.C.S.M. Her journey as a woman has unfolded before her and through its unfolding, teachings from ancient times are again present on the earth. Rachana has been teaching for more than thirty years. Within each person she recognises the ability to self-heal and through the power of this recognition, enables others to take the necessary steps toward their healing. She draws upon her experience as a woman, lover, mother, teacher of Spiritual Midwifery, therapist and pioneer of birthing practices including Waterbirth and Lotus Birth. She teaches nationally and internationally.

Rachana Conducts:

Women's Mysteries 5day Retreats

Women's Mysteries Menopause 2 day retreats

Spiritual Midwifery Training

Rebirthing Training

Tantra - Sacred Sexuality 

Individual sessions

Breath therapy & cellular memory release 

Healing/Resolving Birth trauma for mothers & babies 

Relationship and Life Direction Counselling

Marriage Preparation

Subtle Energy Rebalancing  

Family Soul workshops

Phone Counselling

What other people say about Rachana

 'Rachana has been my friend and teacher for almost 14 years. Her work is unparalleled in my experience, and is the foundation of my own work as mother, lover, writer, and healer. She creates an amazing opportunity to dive into the feminine, experience the mystery and magic and, if you want it, profound healing. As my sister-in-law told me 'five days with Rachana is like five years of psychotherapy'. Dr. Sarah Buckley  GP, mother and author of  'Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering'